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Professional consulting and other services for your company: Work-life balance

Over the last years, family-oriented personnel policy has become an important factor of success for German companies trying to attracting motivated, qualified staff. The focus lies on measures that help with the reconciliation of work and family. On the one hand, the workforce is getting older and older due to demographic changes; on the other hand, a growing number of relatively young employees have to face the challenge of taking care of or assisting family members. Therefore, possibilities of reconciling work and care (eldercare) will become more and more important for corporate personnel policy.

Companies will experience the overload caused by the double burden of work and care in the form of absenteeism, lower productivity, and more sick days, since taking care of another person means great mental and physical strain. Employees facing such a care situation are thus often less resilient and productive.

A family-friendly working environment contributes greatly to reconciling work and family life. Several companies have already realized that they gain advantages by providing their employees with optimal conditions for a reconciliation of work and family. Working parents know how difficult it is to find the right balance of work and family life. Despite current political efforts, public childcare offers are often insufficient and do not cover the individual need of care.

Unpunctuality and unplanned interruptions of work are consequences of lower productivity. In order to prevent a drop in productivity or even burn-out, it is also in the companies’ interest to find a reliable solution for the employees in question.

Our extensive consulting and provision services offer valuable support for both the company and its employees.

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Nursing care insurance – Increase of payments since 01.01.2015

Since January 2015 there is an increase of the amount of benefits in the nursing care insurance. We have outlined some of the important changes.

Non-cash benefits | Day and night services
Please find below the new maximum rates for non-cash benefits on an outpatient basis as well as the day and night services.

care level 0
till 2014 € 225
since 2015 € 231

care level I
till 2014 € 450
since 2015 € 468

care level I(people with significant disabilities)
till 2014 € 665
since 2015 € 689

care level II
till 2014 € 1.100
since 2015 € 1.144

care level II(people with significant disabilities)
till 2014 € 1.250
since 2015 € 1.298

care level III
till 2014 € 1.510
since 2015 € 1.612

If there are any questions left please do not hesitate to contact us.
Yours HUMANITAS Pflegeservice – Team

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