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The most important requirement for an effective reconciliation of work and family is the reliable organization of childcare. Finding a suitable childcare place is often difficult and time-consuming for working parents. Also, they are unsure about different educational concepts and opening hours, don’t know what form of childcare to choose or worry if their child will really be safe while they are at work.
HUMANITAS Pflegeservice is your competent partner concerning all aspects of work-life balance. We help your employees by providing needs-based consulting services, suitable childcare solutions with high-quality standards, and reliable advice and support.

Needs-based and professional childcare for working parents

Why should you put your trust in us?–HUMANITAS Pflegeservice distinguishes itself by individual consulting and assistance services for families in need of support. We offer working parents competent advice in choosing the appropriate form of care as well as services close to home. Apart from that, we help parents find suitable schools or additional private tuition.

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